May 24, 2018
    Books: Angularjs for beginners - Learn angularjs step by step in a day
    Title:      Angularjs for beginners - Learn angularjs step by step in a day
    Categories:      Angular Books
    BookID:      6
    Authors:      Aj
    ISBN-10(13):      1520133545
    Publisher:      Independently published
    Publication date:      2016-12-13
    Number of pages:      86
    Language:      Not specified
    Price:      6.00 USD
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    Angularjs for beginners -Learn angularjs step by step in a day. This is the best book for the beginners to start learning angularjs . Topics covered in this book 1)Setting Up the AngularJS Environment 2)Using Scope Functions 3)Executing Scope Methods 4)Bracketed Expressions 5)Understanding Dot Notation 6)Controllers and Variable Scope 7)Sharing Data between Multiple Controllers 8)Using the controller as syntax to create controllers 9)Using ng-repeat on Collections 10)Using Display Filters 11)Creating Custom Display Filters 12)use the orderBy and limitTo filters 13)Using Number and json Filters 14)Using Date Filters 15)Examining User Text Input 16)Performing Validation 17)$http service to GET server data 18)Using the $http service to POST server data


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