May 24, 2018

    Angular 2 and the Dev Environment

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    To Develop an Angular 2 application , you need to install the below softwares on your developer machine.

    • Visual Studio Code - This is an Editor from Microsoft which is a free version and can be used for the Angular development. There are other popular Code editor tools as well and which includes JetBrains WebStorm.
    • Nodejs and NPM - NPM stands for Node Package Manager which is used primarily for working with various open source components and repositories. Angular 2 depends on so many other external components and libraries and NPM is primarily used to download them easily.
    • GIT - Yet another popular software and here we use it to get the templates of angular from github repository.

    Download and Installation of Node.js, Visual Studio Code and git

    1. You can visit Node.js site and download it from Once the download is complete , start the setup and follow the instructions to install the Node.

    Once you have installed Node , you can reconfirm if the Node version is installed on your machine or not by following the instructions at Is Node Installed article ?

    2. Visual Studio Code is one of the light weight editor for writing code and you can download it from and follow the simple on screen instructions in the wizard.

    3. Git - You can download and install GIT from