May 24, 2018

    Angular 2 - Getting Started

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    Angular is an open source framework that is built over JavaScript. Angular was mainly built to overcome some of the obstacles that were encountered when working with SPA (Single Page Applications).

    Angular aims to simplify the development and testing of the Single Page Web Applications by providing a framework for client side MVC (Model- View-Controller) and MVVM (Model-View-View-Model) architecture along with the necessary components that are commonly used in RIA(Rich Internet Applications).

    Features of Angular 2

    Some of the Features of Angular 2 is as follows.

    • TypeScript - The newer version of Angular is based on the language TypeScript from Microsoft which is a superset of JavaScript.
    • Components - The new version of Angular (Angular 2 onwards) is focussed on the components than the controllers. This helps to build the applications in to multiple modules.
    • Better support for services
    • Better event handling capabilities
    • Better support for mobile devices.

    You can learn more about Angular 2 from the official documentation at

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